Baets by Der

Friendly advice from Red Balloon Security: Just pay the extra $2 Recently, we wanted to use some wired headphones with an iPhone, which sadly lacks a headphone jack. The nearest deli offered a solution: a Lightning-to-headphone jack adapter for only $7. Got to love your local New York City bodega.    But a wrinkle appeared: […]

Red Balloon Security Wins 2022 NSF Convergence Accelerator Award for Proposed Improvements to 5G Cybersecurity Through Hardening of Embedded Devices

We’re one of 16 teams chosen to enhance the secure operation of 5G infrastructure. Red Balloon Security has received a $682,000 award from the National Science Foundation’s Convergence Accelerator Program, which includes participation in Phase 1 of the program’s Track G: Securely Operating Through 5G Infrastructure. The Department of Defense is aligned with the NSF […]

DEF CON 30 Badge Fun with OFRAK

The TL;DR? We used OFRAK to rewrite the badge firmware so that it auto-plays the solution for Challenge 1. Check out our video and full breakdown.